Anderson Mill

Anderson Mill Restoration Project

Anderson Mill is the oldest standing mill in South Carolina and the birthplace of Spartanburg County government. It is currently in need of attention with significant structural problems in the building but all major mill machinery intact. The Tyger River Foundation is leading the charge to fully restore this property to an operating mill that is open periodically to the public. The Foundation will establish an endowment to assist with permanent funding to keep the mill in operating order.

We are optimistic about the future of Anderson Mill and hope to continue our restoration efforts in the near future.

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History of Anderson Mill

Located at the intersection of the North Tyger River and Anderson Mill Road in Spartanburg County, about 8 miles south-west of the town square in Spartanburg, Anderson Mill was formerly known as Nicholl’s Fort, Nichol’s Mill and Tanner’s Mill. The mill gets its current name from James “Tyger Jim” Anderson who acquired the mill in 1831.
Anderson Mill contains a single set of stones and has two water wheels and a variety of process machinery. The mill is located adjacent to a set of rapids with significant drop and was supplied by a short wooden race that no longer exists. The site of the first official event of Spartanburg County- a court held in the Spartanburg District on the third Monday in June, 1785, the mill is important to Spartanburg's local history.

The original facility is believed to have been built about the time of the American Revolution. The current building is the result of a major rebuilding process after being heavily damaged by floods in the early 1900’s. The Mill is the oldest mill in South Carolina still standing on its original foundation and capable of restoration. It was last operated commercially in the 1960’s by A. A. Sellars. Anderson Mill (Anderson’s Mill) was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

Mill Resources

There is a surprising amount of information about old water wheel mills on the web. We are regularly accumulating relevant links to support our efforts and increase our background knowledge.

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