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Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park: Image

Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park

3100 Walnut Grove Road

Roebuck, SC 29376

The Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park offers the first public river access point on the Tyger River. The park is private property, open to the public, that offers an opportunity for Spartanburg County residents and visitors to enjoy access to the beauty of the Tyger River.

Whether your interest is kayaking, fishing, birding, or hiking along the river, we invite everyone to come visit and enjoy all that the Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park has to offer.

Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park: What We Do

Water Data

at Nesbitt Shoals

The United States Geological Survey monitors water level at Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park. 

Please note the USGS gauge height's baseline is greater than zero feet.  The reported height will be relatively greater than the actual height of the river.

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Nesbitt Shoals
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