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Promote. Protect. Restore.

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We promote, protect and restore the natural and historic resources of the Tyger River Area and encourage an active outdoor lifestyle.

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The Tyger River Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, and is dedicated to long-term conservation efforts within the Tyger River Area and to improving the quality of life in the Upstate.  The majority of our efforts are focused in the Tyger River watershed but they extend outside that area as well.

In addition to protecting and conserving land, waters, and important historical sites in the area, The Tyger River Foundation strives to connect with the community through hands-on activities.  Through our properties, we offer opportunities to experience and enjoy the outdoors and the many benefits to personal well-being that brings.

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The Tyger River Foundation was formed to address a void in our operating area of a local, unified organization with our mission. A group of concerned citizens took on the challenge and established The Tyger River Foundation in 2007.  We bring a focused, long-term vision and a sustainable plan to promote, protect and restore the Tyger River Area for public use and enjoyment.

Since our inception, we have acquired and begun restoring Anderson Mill (a 200-year-old grist mill registered as the oldest mill in South Carolina standing on its original foundation and also the birthplace of Spartanburg County government), organized river sweeps and clean-up projects, and opened Spartanburg County's first public park and river access point on the Tyger River, Nesbitt Shoals Nature Park. Other sites we have opened to the public for river access include Tygerberry Landing, Beech Springs Landing, and Cooley Family Landing.

We are also partnering with Wofford College to conserve the Upper Shoals Preserve at Glendale, a property adjacent to the Goodall Center for Environmental Learning.

If you share our mission, we welcome your support and participation!

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Our Team

Julian Hankinson, President

Patrick K. Prince, Executive Director

Monty Mullen, Treasurer

Robbie Allen, Trustee

Jan Caldwell, Trustee

Tom Foster, Trustee

Brad Steinecke, Trustee

Jonathan Storm, Trustee

Angela Viney, Trustee

Dan Whitten, Trustee

Established in 2007, The Tyger River Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in South Carolina. Its current volunteer Board of Trustees plays an important role in assuring the natural and historic resources of the Tyger River Area are maintained for generations to come.

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