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Fall 2021 Weekly Clean Up Schedule

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

The Tyger River Foundation (TRF) hosts weekly clean-ups at three landings along the South Tyger River this fall through October 1, 2021. Each clean-up lasts about one hour. It's a great way to meet with Tyger River Foundation staff, get outside and help keep our community clean! These clean-ups are intended for all ages and volunteers only need to bring a bottle of water and gloves. The Foundation supplies safety vests, litter grabbers, and trash bags. Check out our Facebook page for updates and in case clean-ups are rescheduled.

The Tyger River Foundation is hosting Tygerberry Tuesday at the very popular fishing and recreation landing in Duncan, SC. See our Tygerberry Landing page for the address and more site information. Tygerberry Tuesday starts at 4:00 pm every week. This landing has many visitors and generally has the most litter to pick up. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Cooley Family Landing and Beech Springs Landing are two of the Tyger River Foundation's smaller landings and are used primarily for paddling access along the South Tyger River. Want a great way to feel good heading into the weekend? Each and every Friday, volunteers can meet with TRF Staff to help clean up these two landings back-to-back. Starting at Cooley Family Landing at 3:00 pm, the clean-up then moves to Beech Springs Landing around 3:30 pm after the Cooley Family site visit.

Join the Tyger River Foundation each week to help keep these properties clean and tidy! For more information, call 864-586-6600 or email

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